Certain companies may hesitate to embrace the RETAINED search model due to the upfront fee that is payable regardless of whether a hire is made. Although this fee might deter some hiring managers from pursuing the RETAINED model, it is important to recognize the unique advantages associated with this option.

Both sides have skin in the game
Greater sense of urgency knowing the firm has exclusivity to the search
Our BMET search consultants work no more than 3 retained searches at a time. ​


Some of our clients prefer to only pay based on a contingency model, we will work with clients on a CONTINGENCY basis, but only after a very careful review process of the roles you are looking to fill, market conditions, and provided it makes sense for your firm and ours. With a CONTINGENCY arrangement, you pay nothing until you hire one of our candidates. This model is a good solution if you are an existing client of BMET JOB and are perhaps looking to open another location or add additional staff due to growth within the business. 


Sometimes you just need additional headcount, but perhaps you are not ready or in a position to bring on additional headcount. We can help by providing well-trained, qualified, and ready-to-work BMETs to augment your current workforce. In most cases, we can have a BMET ready to start within 5 days of the job order being received. 

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