BMET JOB Evolved Naturally

Since 2008

In 2008, our President and his wife launched Veteran Recruiting (VR) which disrupted the veteran recruitment space by offering an alternative way to connect veterans with employers who were seeking to hire them. Traditionally, job fairs happened in person, but the Veteran Recruiting virtual career fairs made it possible to bring both sides together, in real-time, and from anywhere. In a very short period, more than 200, 000 veterans were attending the VR events each year, and many of the top companies for veterans were signing on to attend. 

Medical Equipment Companies

Once Veteran Recruiting was up and operating, we started to field calls for medical device and equipment companies hoping to find veterans to fill their BMET roles. Once we secured the first few clients, the word got out through the community and the candidates and the employers started to roll in. It naturally led to us having to build out a team to focus on the BMET community, and that in turn resulted in the development of the BMET JOB site.

More than Veterans

While we are primarily known for our work in connecting veterans to careers after service, in the BMET world, we work with all candidates provided they meet the standards and experience our clients are seeking. While the majority of our candidates do come from a military background, we have plenty who took a more traditional route to the BMET career path.  

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